Buy a Nutripacifier and help a child in need

Our biodegradable pacifier provides you with an eco-friendly alternative and gives a child in need the recommended nutrients.

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Our concept

Children in developing countries today have a great lack of nutrients which are essential for growing up healthy. Especially in the city of Jharkhand, many children struggle as a result of malnutrition, according to the organization "Doctors without borders". Our concept is about making a pacifier that helps newborns who don't get the necessary vitamins from their mother's breast milk. The pacifier includes important vitamins such as B12, A, and D. These vitamins prevent malnutrition and the infections caused by that. When you buy a pacifier from us you also donate one to a child in need.

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Profits when you buy a pacifier


Our pacifier is biodegradable. We support the fight against the climate change.


The pacifier sent to a developing country contains a special selection of vitamins and minerals.


Studies show that pacifiers can reduce child mortality, and help the child when breastfeeding.


You help us create focus and attention to this issue so we can work and develop more solutions.

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